Same Day Dentistry

Restorations today don’t have to take multiple visits. Innovation in digital dentistry now offers a time-saving computerized dental restoration milling machine that utilizes the latest in imaging and design technology to recreate teeth within an hour or two. Dentists input precise specifications into a computer, and the machine mills beautiful, durable restorations in a matter of minutes. Some options of same day dentistry are ceramic crowns that can be done in an hour, implants to replace missing teeth and porcelain veneers that can be done in one day.

A smile makeover in one day consists of the following:

Step 1 (9:30am)
Your dentist will prepare a smile consultation and determine whether crowns/veneers are a good choice for you. Tooth preparation takes place.

Step 2 (10:30am)
A registered dental assistant will use a high-precision camera to take digital images of your teeth.

Step 3 (afternoon)
You can leave the office for 3-4 hours.

Step 4 (12:00pm)
While you’re out of the office, the experienced dental team is creating a new smile. Images taken with the camera are used to create customized restorations for you.

Step 5 (1:30pm)
Once the teeth are designed they will be milled from Porcelain Blocks.

Step 6 (2:30pm)
A master ceramist will add stain and glaze to characterize your new teeth.

Step 7 (4:00pm)
Your new smile is delivered to you by your dentist.

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