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Content Marketing Tricks Every Dentist Must Know

Content marketing should not be misconstrued with online advertising as they are not one and the same. Content marketing is the strategic use of various types of interesting digital content, used to attract new customers and grow a business. This is especially true when it comes to marketing a dentist’s services online. Today, content marketing has changed the landscape in which dental practices interact with and foster long-term relationships with patients. Here are some of the top tricks when it comes to content marketing for dentists that every dentist should know, for the biggest return on investment.

# 1 Surprise & Delight

Dentists can take many approaches when it comes to content marketing. For instance, a dentist can share any or all of the following to create the ultimate experience for prospects who are searching for a new dentist online: well-designed websites, blog posts, e-books, emailed content, monthly newsletters, social media posts, white papers, infographics, videos and other graphics just to name a few. There is no limit on the types of content that a dentist can create and share. One of the top driving forces of good content marketing is choosing the best delivery formats for the brand. While there is not a one size fits all approach to content marketing, a variety of content that surprises and delights online followers will be sure to please.

# 2 Think Quality Instead of Quantity

While it is important to create and share new content on a consistent basis, it is also important for this content to be high-quality material. Value-based content is a key factor in whether or not potential customers will engage with the brand. Poorly written content that does not bring meaning into the lives of those who are searching for a dentist will never breakthrough to them. Instead, poor content that is posted over and over again may actually tarnish the dentist’s brand and send potential customers straight to a competitor’s doorstep.

# 3 Consistently Post Social Media Content

Social media marketing has changed the ways in which people interact with not only family and friends, but businesses that they are most interested in. For those who are curious about how to choose a dentist, one of the first places they will conduct research is on the dentist’s social media pages. One of the key tricks to social media content is consistency. When it comes to social media marketing, frequently posted content will keep an audience of followers interested. They will appreciate the time and effort the dentists has put into creating content that is tailored to their needs.

# 4 Re-purpose Old Content

That is right! Old content can be re-purposed into new material. For example, quotes from older blog posts can be turned into social media content. Social media posts can be turned into fun statistics. Or e-books may be turned into video content where the dentist puts a face on his or her brand and explains the practice’s most popular procedures. Repurposing content is a great way to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Put a fresh face on old content today with this great content marketing trick.

# 5 Don’t Forget the SEO

Ever wonder how websites show up on a person’s search results when they conduct research online? The answer resides in search engine optimization (SEO). Most customers will not know a dentist’s office even exists if they have never heard of the practice before. So, when the prospect queries the internet for more information, websites will show up that most closely match their search terms. These are websites that have used the right keywords and phrases to rank highly within the search engine’s results.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and MSN all use special algorithms that determine how suitable a website is based on the internet user’s search terms. For instance, if someone searches for “dentist in Brooklyn, New York”, only websites that have these key terms will show up in the results. This means that a dentist in Boise, Idaho would not rank highly in the first few pages of these search results because their key terms would not be related to a dentist in Brooklyn or New York. In short, SEO will make it easier for customers to find a dentist’s website.

To learn more about these and other helpful tips on content marketing for dentists or SEO for dentists contact a team of digital marketers today to schedule a consultation.

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