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How to Choose a Dentist

For those who are searching for a new dentist, choosing the right one is a very important decision when it comes to oral healthcare. A dentist can help a patient maintain the health of their teeth and gums, while also renewing their smile and confidence. Here are some helpful steps on how to choose a dentist today.

Perform Adequate Research

Research may be as simple as asking friends, family, neighbors, or a primary care physician for referrals or it could include in-depth, independent research online. When using the internet to search for the best dentist in the area, spend ample time scouring the internet. Here are a few places to start:

  1. Websites – If trusted friends and family were asked for advice, did the dental providers they suggested have a website? In today’s modern business world, top service providers have a strong presence online. They typically have a well-designed website that details their services, procedures, and even products sold.
  2. Social Media – Also search for their social media pages. Is this a modern service and do they have active social media accounts? Today’s dentists top performing dentists are interested in improving their online visibility by catering to their patients’ behaviors and maintaining a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. When it comes to social media marketing and content marketing for dentists in general, dentists who have taken the time to share helpful digital content are usually a step ahead of their competition and are in tune with the needs of their patients.
  3. Online Reviews – Also, look at what other people’s experiences have been. This includes looking at both the good and bad reviews that are listed online. Does the dentist have a good reputation within the community or do they have consistently negative remarks regarding their services?
  4. Check Their Credentials – Also check the dentist’s credentials. How long have they been in practice and what do they specialize in? Consider if they are participating in on-going continuing education courses, even after they have received their standard degrees and state board certifications to determine their level of continued interest in their profession.

Interview the Dentist and Ask Important Questions

Next, narrow down the search and choose between 3-5 dentists to call and interview. It is important to interview more than one dentist and not simply choose the first dentist that showed up on an internet search list. This will help to ensure the best dentist is chosen based on their initial interactions with the patient. What’s more is that contacting the dentist’s office directly to ask important questions is a great way to get introduced to the dentist’s brand. Here are a few important questions to ask:

  1. What are the dentist’s normal hours? Do they offer weekend or evening appointments?
  2. What types of insurance do they accept?
  3. What types of office equipment and technology do they use? When was the last time it was updated?
  4. Do they have samples of their work such as before and after pictures of cosmetic dentistry?
  5. What will occur on the first appointment and how long will it take?
  6. How many staff members are on site and how long have they been with the practice?

Also consider how pleasant the dentist or their staff were on the phone. Did they seem rushed or unsure of the answers they provided? Or were they cordial and took the necessary time to answer each question and to listen carefully to the needs of the patient? Once each dentist has been called, narrow down the list to the one dentist who was the most impressive and schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that although a first appointment has been made, this dentist still may not be the best fit for the patient.

On the day of the appointment, take note of the following to determine if this is a dentist that can provide long-term care to the patient:

  1. How as the office atmosphere—was it neat and orderly or was it in disarray?
  2. How was the intake process—was it a quick and easy process and were the reception personnel friendly?
  3. Was there a long wait before being called to see the dentist?
  4. Once seen by the dentist, what was their personality like? Is this someone who the patient felt comfortable with and would like to form a long-term professional relationship with?

Find the best dental care provider by following these quick and easy tips. There are many suitable options available when it comes to choosing the right dentist but first, do the necessary due diligence by conducting research and then meeting the best choices face-to-face. To learn more about how to choose a local dentist or a cosmetic dentist, contact a top dental provider in your area today.

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