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Drinks That are Good for Teeth

Most of us can guess which drinks are bad for our teeth; soda, energy drinks, and some sports drinks. Which drinks are good for teeth? Good news, they are right in your local stores and restaurants already. There is one thing to keep in mind: If the drink won’t look good on white carpet, it won’t look good on your teeth. That’s just the surface of it, what about helping tooth enamel? Interestingly, drinks that are lighter in color tend to be good for teeth all around. If you are looking to improve your overall dental health with the right drink choices, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn the expert opinion of top dentists.

Good Drinks for Teeth

  • Milk

You are probably not that surprised that milk has made it to the top of the recommended drink list. There have been so many public service announcements in the past to encourage the public to drink more milk. The reasons are simple; milk is a great source of vitamin D and Calcium. Calcium is especially good for the strength of your teeth and it helps fight against gum disease. If you are lactose intolerant there are plenty of milk alternatives such as, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and more.

  • Water

Water is probably another obvious drink choice, but often overlooked. In fact, there are a high number of people that don’t enjoy drinking water. Water is great for keeping your body and your mouth well hydrated. The more saliva in your mouth, the less likely your teeth will get a plaque buildup bad enough to cause cavities. Most tap water contains fluoride and that is a natural cavity-preventing agent. If you are someone who doesn’t like drinking water, a good tip is to add a few slices of fruit. This gives you a little bit of flavor and might make it easier to drink.

  • White Tea

White tea is good for teeth for a few different reasons, but the most prevalent reason is due to the fact that it doesn’t stain teeth. Most tea and coffee are bad for teeth because of teeth staining. White tea is good for people who try to keep white teeth, but it’s also good for the antioxidants. There are studies that reveal a correlation between healthy gums and antioxidants.

  • Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt is a form of good bacteria and it’s amazing for the health of your gums. Not to mention that yogurt is a great source of calcium. If you add fruit that isn’t high in acid, like a bananas or oranges you will get a good amount of vitamin C and potassium. Yogurt has also been proven to help with bad breath due to the good bacteria.

  • Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk if you are lactose intolerant. It’s also known to be used with at home remedies for tooth whiting. It also helps with fighting cavities due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral nature.

How to Replace Soda with Healthier Drinks

Many people are addicted to soda. This is partly due to the accessibly of soda at restaurants, vending machines, and grocery stores. It’s no secret that soda is terrible for teeth and promotes obesity. After knowing the negative health effects, people still consume soda. There are healthy options to replace soda that aren’t as painful as you may think. Most people enjoy soda because it’s sweet and carbonated. Here are a few drinks to help kick your soda habit:

  • Try replacing your soda with some flavored water. This isn’t completely ideal long-term, for the reason that flavored water contains sugar and artificial sweeteners, but it’s a great start for someone downing beverages with 30 plus grams of sugar.
  • Start drinking iced green or white teas. Lighter colored teas are for preventing tooth staining. Tea is a much better alternative to drinking soda since you control the amount of sugar that goes into the drink. Most people enjoy a little bit of honey in their tea as a replacement for sugar.
  • If there is a day that you are craving the carbonated elements of soda you can use seltzer water, add some lemon or lime, and add a dash of calorie-free sweetener. This shouldn’t be an everyday drink because too much seltzer water and lemon is acidic.

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